Learn the Way to Solve QuickBooks Error Code 6240

One of the most popular accounting software highly accessible by both small and large business in the ground is QuickBooks. This smile yet effective tool assists employers and companies to manage their financial details including bills, salary, and other expenses properly.  On the other hand, QuickBooks is also an extremely complicated accounting application. The complication in the sense it is highly prone to errors, corruption, and has too many issues. 

Since QuickBooks software always provides a space for the user error, you should be aware of certain quickbooks error codes and way to fix them. This will help you escape from further hassles including loss of money.  In this article, you are going to see one of the common quickbooks error code 6240 in details. After going through the article completely, you will definitely fix this issue whenever arise with your accounting tool easily.

What is QuickBooks error code 6240?  

While working with QuickBooks software, users might often face quickbooks error code 6240. This error code indicates a duplicate name exists. This means you are trying to enter a name, which already exists in the QuickBooks account.

In such condition, you have to enter an alternative name to come over this error code. Keep in mind that QuickBooks always need all the name within the software account should be unique. No matter, whether the contact is vendor, employee, or customer, it is important to give a unique name and includes inactive records.

In simple words, the display name in the QuickBooks is accessed as the unique identifier across employee, vendor, and customer. Trying to add another record with the similar display name that exists already is resulting in this error code. It also insists you use a different name to proceed further.

When QuickBooks error code 6240 occur

Are you thinking about when the Quickbooks error code 6240 occurs? If yes, then do not forget that the error code occurs when you are trying to add another record with the similar display name. To make you clear about this error, look at the error message: [The name supplied already exists, another vendor, employee or customer is using this name already, Kindly use the different name].  

Now, you will be clear about when the problem happens. Thus, try to use a unique name for every record to avoid it in the future. In case, you are facing the same issue repeatedly, then without any worry simply follow the below mentioned steps to resolve them.

How to resolve QuickBooks error code 6240

Do you wish to solve this error code and perform your financial activities without any interruption? Well, as soon as you notice this error, you must see the reason for QuickBooks complaining about the duplicate name. To find the reason, you must search for any contact saved under the same name, which you are attempting to use now. Do not forget to look for the inactive records. If you have found any record in your software, then you should give a new name using the below mentioned steps.

  • Rename the existing QuickBooks record

One of the easiest and best ways to render a new name to the vendor, customer, or employee is that simply adding the suffix or prefix to before or after the existing name of the employee, customer, and vendor. In case, if the record is inactive, then add the suffix after the name. Most of the QuickBooks users follow this method to resolve the quickbooks error code 6240. Bear in mind that QuickBooks does not give permission for using certain special characters in the display name, which includes comma, colon, alphanumeric, ampersand, question mark, dot, and so on.

  • Provide a different name

Apart from renaming, you can simply change the entire name of the field to eliminate further hassles because sometimes you may be confused about the name, which you have added with the existing name. Additionally, it leads to certain problems during a stressful time. Therefore, it is always better to input a new and unique name to each record in the tool.

 Contact QuickBooks support number to fix the error

Are you unable to solve the error code using the aforementioned steps? Do you not know what to do further to come out of this hassle? If yes, then simply contact quickbooks support phone number. QuickBooks always give top priority for their customer satisfaction so that they have developed a dedicated team to help you in any situation. Therefore, never hesitate to call them whenever you encounter a problem with your tool. They are always ready to serve you with the best at any time.

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