A Complete Guide On How To Resolve Quickbooks Error code 6170

In the present scenario, accounting software plays an important role in every business.  Either it could be a small or large business, but the accounting software is highly accessible for every business. It is considered as an effective tool and helps companies to manage their financial details like bills, salary, total expenditures, savings and many more. But, at the same time, it needs more care and attention in order to handle your accounting application. It is highly used to manage your accounting errors, corruption, illegal transaction and many more without any hassle.

And also, QuickBooks is easily accessible to human errors; you should consider certain things on mind and fix QuickBooks errors in a smart way. Why it is important to fix the errors? It is because; it actually prevents you from extreme money loss. In this article, you are going to view one of the common QuickBooks errors code 6170 in detail. Get your detailed information right here.

What is QuickBooks error code 6170? 

Errors in QuickBooks has occurred due to many reasons like incomplete installation, damage in data, unpredictable programming codes, system issues and many more. In addition, the QuickBooks error code 6170 has occurred suddenly while operating your computer in order to open your company file name. Actually, the errors always formed with 3 or 4 digits and a message will display on the screen like unable to open the company file name.

Are you thinking about why it happens? If so, it is occurred sometimes due to some mistakes were done by the users. This signifies, while entering the name of the company file, you will experience this type of error if the company name already exists in the accounting software. However, you ought to enter another name for the file to open. And also, you must keep one thing in mind; the name of any company file should be unique and do not relevant to one another.

Whether it may be customers, employees and many more, but the name should be in unique and the records should be very clear. Therefore, try to access the name with unique records in order to overcome this QuickBooks error code 6170.

When QuickBooks Error Code 6170 Occur?

Do you want to know when this error has occurred? If so, then let me explain in a clear way. If you are the one who types the name of the company file which already exists in the computer, then the Quickbooks error code 6170 occurred. That is why similar new file name does not add with the existing file name. In order to rectify your error problems then you have to change your file name into the new one as possible. And sure, you will be cleared from this article and get to know more about when the QuickBooks error code 6170 actually persists in the system. So, it better to use a unique file name in order to overcome this kind of errors. The following are the different ways that the error has happened.

  • Creating a backup
  • Creating a company file
  • Creating a portable file
  • Attempting to open a company file
  • Closing a company file
  • Closing an open window with a company file

How To Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 6170?

Want to resolve your QuickBooks Error Code 6170 or Quickbooks Error Code 6160? Looking for the best way to resolve them? if so, then the following steps and tips help you to resolve easily without any hassle. Of course, in order to resolve this unpredictable situation, you do not any additional force. Well, while entering the name of the company name, then the error 6170 has happened, then immediately you ought to perform some changes in the file name. 

Solution 1: Move Your Company Name To Local C Drive

  • Shift the company name from local file to the drive C
  • Then, open the company name from C drive
  • Save the file name and make a portable one
  • Close the name of the company file
  • Bring back the name of the file from the C drive and save it in the local server
  • Then, type your company file name
  • Try to open the file name from your local server

Solution 2:  Update The Version Of Your QuickBooks Support Software

  • Visit the web page
  • Download the latest version of QuickBooks software
  • Allow them to install
  • Then, perform any operations
  • Choose and perform the steps in order to open the company file name
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