Learn More About Details QuickBooks Error Code 6140

In the business world, QuickBooks is becoming more popular among people. It is because; the QuickBooks is the primary and leading accounting software for the business.  This is the most familiar software which provides lots of financial tools to the business people all around the world. It is the best and effective software which is specifically designed to manage inventory, payroll, and other significant needs of the business.

Why need QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is the driving software for the small and medium organization. It is used to automates the business bookkeeping and makes it easier to see the daily accounting tasks. The QuickBooks software supports the different operating system such as the window, Mac OS, and others. It allows you to enter entire outgoing and incoming records for the financial transaction as well as other business activity. There are many reasons to use QB which is mentioned below:

  • It is ideal business accounting software for small to medium business owners
  • Businesses can save more time on bookkeeping and accounting because all tasks can are handled automatically which make it easier to run your company.
  • One can easily make the reports will full details when needed
  • QuickBooks is so affordable so you can save money.
  • It will help you design a company plan to use when you trying to secure a small business loan for the future.
  • You can customize QB to work the method you need. It is specially designed to flexible and adaptable to a huge range of business owners.
  • One can save time and errors by sharing data
  • You can even share data with well-known programs like Word, Microsoft Excel, and Outlook and so on.
  • You can pay your bills online by simply setting up your current bank account in QB. After setup, you are ready to pay your bills.

Thus, the above are the main reasons to use Quickbooks in your company. Even though there are huge benefits, QuickBooks is also said to be complicated accounting. It is because they provide more errors and many issues to users. Nowadays most of the QuickBooks users are facing some error codes in their QuickBooks software. One of the most common errors is 6140.  In this article, you are going to see more details about quickbooks error code 6140.

What is quickbooks error code 6140?

Most of the QuickBooks users face a common issue called quickbooks error code 6140. This error code denotes that Duplicate Document Number Error. When this error occurs you have to specify a different number because the number has already been a user when invoicing MSP service to QuickBooks.

To solve this kind of error you can hire QuickBooks error support. The professional support team will solve your issues easily and provide some tips to avoid this error in future.

When quickbooks error code 6140 occur

As mentioned above, Quickbooks error code 6140 is Duplicate Document Number Error. This error mainly occurs in two environments such as Clio Web App and Quickbooks Web App. If a record invoice, credit memo, sales receipt already exists in QB with the same number. This error or issue only occurs if you have the Custom Transaction Number setting turned on in QB. This will enable you to manually edit transactions number.

How to resolve QuickBooks error code 6140

If you get the publishing error called “Duplicate Document Number Error: You need to specify a different number. This number has already been used”. This seems that the invoice number already exists in your QB account. If you are facing this error always, you can easily fix it by below-given steps:

  • At first, open your QBO and navigate to Settings
  • Then Account and Setting >> Sales
  • Check whether the custom transaction number is turned off
  • Back to Settings and Choose Advanced
  • Check that Warn if the duplicate check is used is also turned off
  • Then tap on Sync errors. This will take a list of errors and Clear it

If the above step does not solve the error then modify the invoice number. And then complete the steps listed above. To modify the invoice number, do the following steps

  • Open invoice
  • If any payments there, select delete in top site
  • Then select edit
  • Update the invoice number
  • And finally, select save the invoice.

If you are unable to solve the error code 6140 or error code 6130 using the above mentioned steps, then simply call experts through quickbooks support phone number.

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