How to Resolve Quickbooks Error Code 6120

If you are using the Quickbooks support software for managing your organization’s accounts process. And you are facing any kind problems stating the “error code 6120” then this article will be helpful for you to solve the problem of error code 6120.

What is Quickbooks Error Code 6120?

The QuickBooks error code 6120 comes under the category of the technical or specific error codes. It happens when the error stating that “MAS transaction is deleted” appears on the system.

Causes of the Quickbooks Error Code 6120

The various causes you will experience in the case of QuickBooks error code 6120 are given below:

  • The firewall with the port 8019 is barred.
  • The network linkage and the host workstation are dislocated which is one of the biggest issues.
  • The firewall setting which prevents the software files from accessing the ports.
  • The QuickBooks database services are running on the workstation simultaneously.
  • In case any one of the corrupted file in the QB desktop is the root cause for the problem.
  • The hosting file’s title is changed when the hosting process is going on.
  • It also causes while reinstalling the backup straight from the storage drive, or storage devices, or flash drive.
  • The company file is corrupted.
  • Any problem with the use of windows or it is damaged or corrupted.

These are the different problems you will come across whether your system is affected by the QuickBooks error code 6120.

Methods to Resolve Quickbooks Error Code 6120

To solve the QuickBooks error code 6120 we have provided different techniques in this article.

Method 1:  In this method, we can see how to solve the Quickbooks error by running the Quickbooks file doctor.

  • The QuickBooks file doctor is one of the best tools to solves all sought of QuickBooks error.
  • Hence use this tool to solve this problem.
  • We can see the steps to install the file detector tool.
  • Go to the website of file doctor base article on the QuickBooks website.
  • There you will find the blue button on the webpage and click on the button to download the file doctor tool.
  • After downloading the software, run the .exe file of the doctor tool. After running this file the installation process gets started.
  • For installing the software, the Dot Net framework should be available on the computer. If it is not available the installation process is automatically completed.
  • After installing the software, follow the steps given below to fix the problem of error 6120.
  • Double click on the QuickBooks doctor tool icon to open the tool. And then search the company file you need to repair. And click on the Diagnose file button to start repairing the file.
  • Then you need to provide the user name and password of the company which you need to repair using the file doctor tool.
  • It takes some time to solve and detect the problems of the accounting software.
  • Use only server mode to run the file doctor tool.
  • After completing all the above steps the tool diagnoses the problems and provides a solution for the problems which they can detect easily.
  • In case you have only a small problem with your QuickBooks software it will automatically detect and provides a solution.
  • If you are not severely affected by the malware or virus the QuickBooks file doctor not able to access your company file and provides a solution for it.
  • Therefore try the next method provided in this article to provide a solution for your problem of QuickBooks error code 6120.

Method 2: The second method is based on disabling the antivirus in your system where you are using the QuickBooks software. The anti-virus should be disabled because it causes some of the problems given below.

  • It will cause some problems while using this Quickbooks software such as opening, installing, and so on.
  • When you have disabled the anti-virus you may feel free to use this software.
  • Hence by deactivating the anti-virus, you can solve this problem without any trouble.

These are the two simple methods to solve this problem in an easy way. If the problem is solved in any one of the above methods then it is quite good. But still, you have the problem QuickBooks error code 6120 or error code 6110 while opening this software contact the Quickbooks technical helpdesk. The experts in this team will provide you assistance to solve the problem efficiently without any trouble.

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