A Smart Guide to Using QuickBooks for Personal Finances
A Smart Guide to Using QuickBooks for Personal Finances

A Smart Guide to Using QuickBooks for Personal Finances

An accounting software company, “Quickbooks”, developed and marketed by the parent company ‘Intuit’ by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx was launched in 1983 in California, USA. The first software launched by the company was “Quicken” that became instrumental in helping the individuals to manage their advances with much ease. Quickbooks, software that our article deals in, was launched in May 2002 for the medium-sized businesses. From then on the company has been modifying the software according to the changing needs of its users.QuickBooks charges an amount of $26.95 for the essential package for a month. Whereas QuickBooks online offers four pricing plans ranging from $20 to$150 for a month and QuickBooks Pro is a locally installed software that charges you $299.95 for a single user. The software’s operational validity remains for three years after which Intuit starts notifying its users the need to upgrade a new version.  QuickBooks, a business accounting software helps to effectively manage sales, expenses and keeps track of daily transactions. The software is also widely used to invoice customers, bill payments, generating reports leading to effective planning, tax filing, and much more. “Intuit” the parent software company has designed varied Quickbooks products namely “Quickbooks online”, ”Quickbook desktop”, ”Quickbooks self-employed” and ”Quickbooks Mac” to choose from. Just like any accounting software plays an immense role in the success and management of a business, similarly using an accounting software does work well for managing home finances. Let us take a quick glance on some of these benefits!

Be Quick with Quickbooks for Your Personal Finances!

Accounting software have always been related to managing the finances of business organizations. But what if you need to manage your personal finances? Quickbooks is the best option out for you. Read the significant benefits of using this software for managing personal finances.

  • Get your finances under control and track your progress consistently.
  • Provides a good money management strategy by creating a budget and maintaining a checkbook.
  • Efficiently automate your budget by reconciling the bank and credit card accounts, pay bills, calculate and fill out tax forms and track investments.
  • Aids in taking good care of investing needs by obtaining the stock quotes and manage mutual funds, stocks, bonds and much more.

Ways to Efficiently Use the QB Software to Your Best Advantage

Now let us zero down upon the topic of our writeup about using Quickbooks for personal finances. In the aforementioned section, we have jotted down some easy ways for you. Glance through the points and bring the software to your best use.

  1. Know the cash flow situation and manage it well: Enter the financial transactions on a regular basis. Transactions related to the ones posted to your account and also the recurring ones which rarely fluctuate such as mortgage payments and auto loan payments for instance. This would aid in giving a clear cash flow situation and manage your account well.
  2. Have clear regular reconciliations: Quickbooks would come to great help in reconciling your account and view not the current balance but also future cash balance based upon the upcoming transactions in the account.
  3. Easily automate the bills, income, and savings: Through the aid of this software you can easily pay off the amount without always carrying that credit card. Put all the bills on the auto payment and pay off the entire amount each month when due. As a prerequisite, a user only needs to change the amount and date and the transaction will automatically get posted to the correct credit card or bank account. Also don’t forget to set up an automatic transfer from checking to savings.
  4. Reconcile the accounts and get the accurate financial report: Reconcile all your Quickbooks and bank accounts involving the credit cards, loans or any accounts that include a statement with end and start date along with beginning and end balance.
  5. Analyze your household’s finances with the profit and loss variation: Correctly analyze your family’s finances. Comparing monthly and year to date finances will go a long way in giving a clear picture of your family’s finances. These comparisons will enable the user to address any issues coming up with the family’s finances. In order to perform the same, in the middle of the screen above the report change the column settings to month and dates to the present fiscal year.

QuickBooks accounting makes your personal accounting much simpler and allows you to pay closer attention to your finances. Hope the above-mentioned ways come to your best use while working on the software and setting up Quickbooks for personal finances. Be a smart home accountant with Quickbooks by your side! For any technical support like to resolve quickbooks error code with the software it is best recommended to reach out to the Quickbooks technical support using the customer support phone number displayed on their official website.

We will be glad to receive your feedback for the write up and keep reading this space for more such tech-related topics.

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