What to Do If QuickBooks Is Not Working in Mac?
What to Do If QuickBooks Is Not Working in Mac Computer

What to Do If QuickBooks Is Not Working in Mac?

A quick guide to troubleshoot Quickbooks that is unable to work on Mac computer.

A software company “Quickbooks”  was developed and marketed by its parent company ‘Intuit’ by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx in 1983 in California, USA. The first software launched by the company was “Quicken” that became instrumental in helping the individuals to manage their advances with much ease. Quickbooks, software that our article deals in, was launched in May 2002 for the medium-sized businesses. From then on the company has been modifying the software according to the changing needs of its users.QuickBooks does not offer a free version and charges an amount of $26.95 for the essential package for a month. Whereas QuickBooks online offers four pricing plans ranging from $20 to$150 for a month and QuickBooks Pro is a locally installed software that charges you $299.95 for a single user. The software’s operational validity remains for three years after which Intuit starts notifying its users the need to upgrade a new version.  QuickBooks, a business accounting software helps to effectively manage sales, expenses and keeps track of daily transactions. The software is also widely used to invoice customers, bill payments, generating reports leading to effective planning, tax filing, and much more. “Intuit” the parent software company has designed varied Quickbooks products namely “Quickbooks online”, ”Quickbook desktop”, ”Quickbooks self-employed” and ”Quickbooks Mac” to choose from.


Now let us zero in on the topic of our writeup, that is the troubleshooting method when Quickbooks is unable to work on Mac computer. Read the troubleshooting steps penned down for you and see which one comes to your rescue!


Go the easiest troubleshooting way!:


Many times the issue gets resolved with a simple restart. Restall your Mac computer, however, if the issue still persists we have more methods for you.

Update the latest version of Quickbooks: This next troubleshooting method of updating the latest version of the software would aid the user in fixing some security loops and bugs in the application, thus enabling the working of Quickbooks on Mac. Follow the easy steps to update the software:


  • After opening the Quickbooks desktop menu, click on “Check for Quickbooks Updates” link.

  • Select “Install Update “and install a new version of Quickbooks.

  • As a final step, click on “Install and Relaunch”.Once the installation process finishes you can then smoothly function on Updated Quickbooks software on your Mac.


Perform Safe mode or Safe boot: This is the third troubleshooting method in our list. Safe mode or a safe boot helps to resolve issues that keep Quickbooks from being used on a Mac computer. Follow the accurate procedure to do the same yourself.


  • Start or restart your Mac computer. Thereafter immediately press and hold the “Shift” key.

  • As a result of the above process, you will see the Apple logo on the screen.

  • Release the Shift key once you see the Login Window on the Mac computer screen. The safe boot will appear on the screen.Now once in safe mode, you can run Quickbooks software.


Please note: To go back to the normal mode, restart the system as usual without pressing any keys.

Create another account on Mac, another effective troubleshooting method: This is the fourth method in our troubleshooting list. Creating another account can be useful in helping you operate Quickbooks without any further hassles on Mac. The process of creating a new account works the same in all the versions of Mac OS and Mac OSX. Follow the aforementioned steps carefully.


  • On your Mac computer, go to the “Apple “ menu and select System Preferences”.Click on “Users and Groups” thereafter.

  • On the new screen, click on the “Lock “ icon at the bottom of the page.Fill in your administrator name and password details.

  • Click on the” +” icon at the bottom of the same page in order to create a new account.

  • Now tap on New Account menu and choose “Administrator” or “Standard user” as a type of user. Fill in all the details asked of you and click on “Create User”.Now function Quickbooks on this new account.

Do a clean reinstall of the Quickbooks software : This clean install method would help the users to make the software work effectively on Mac computers. Follow the below mentioned carefully.

To uninstall Quickbooks software

  • After closing Quickbooks, from the “Finder” menu select “Go”.
  • Choose “Applications”. Thereafter select “Quickbooks” icon and drag it to the trash bin.

Remove Quickbook’s User and System PLIST files: Now in order to bring back all the preferences back to their default settings, it is mandatory to remove the user and system’s PLIST files. Read the below steps carefully.

Removing User PLIST file

  • From the Finder menu on the desktop Select “GO” and proceed to the next step.
  • Press the “Option “ key and select “Library”.
  • Now open the “Preferences” folder and locate the Quickbooks PLIST file with your version in the name.
  • Select the located file and move it to the trash bin.

Removing System PLIST file

  • From the “Finder” menu on the desktop, open Macintosh HD.
  • From the “Library” open the “Preferences” folder.
  • Now locate the Quickbooks PLIST file with your version in the name and move it to the trash bin.
  • Now restart your system and reinstall the Quickbooks software afresh.

We wish the writeup with the various alternative ways of fixing the Quickbooks issue on mac help our readers. For additional assistance on the same, reach out to the Quickbooks support phone number given on their official website.

Keep reading this space for more such tech related writeups. Share the writeup to help others with the same Quickbooks issue.

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