Eliminate Quickbooks Error Code -6144 – 82 and 6144 -301

Best Way To Fix Quickbooks Error Code 6144, 82 & 301

The present write up aims to aid you with the Quickbooks error 6144 -82 and 6144-301 . We will be dealing with the causes leading to the errors along with their fixes

Possible Causes for Quickbooks error 6144-82 and 6144 -301

Here are some very common reasons that may lead to the Quickbooks error 6144-82 and 6144-301. Have a look at them!

  • If the Quickbooks download is incomplete or not installed properly.
  • User Permission in Disabled
  • Due to a corrupt registry owing to a recent installation and uninstallation.
  • Probable damage to the hard disk or RAM.
  • An error due to a recent change in the network connection.
  • A corrupt Windows system files or some other Quickbooks related program due to a virus or malware infection.
  • A wrong version of Quickbooks software.

How you Can Troubleshoot Quickbooks error 6144-82 and 6144-301

Here are the ten steps through which a user can easily troubleshoot the Quickbooks error 6144-82 and 6144-301.

1. Set User permissions:

Following are the steps to set the User permissions:

  • Open Quickbooks and go to the company tab in the Quickbooks page and look for the users.
  • Here click and choose “Setup users and roles”.


  • Enter the password to access all the information. Thereafter from the “User” list choose the username.
  • Lastly, user needs to modify their role in accordance with the specification.

change the role and permission

2 .Repair error by Windows error repair tool:

Following are the steps to repair Windows error by Windows error repair tool like CC Cleaner:

  • Download the Windows application tool and install it.
  • Click on “Scan now” if you receive any errors and deviations.


  • Lastly, click on “Repair All” to fix the issues.

3 .Rename the.TLG and.ND files:

Following are the steps to rename.TLG and.ND files:

  • Firstly open Quickbooks, go to the company files location, and locate.TLG and.ND files. Thereafter right-click on these files and choose the rename option.
  • Now initiate the Quickbooks Database Server Manager.
  • Visit the Start menu and open database server manager.
  • Choose the required programs and look for Quickbooks.
  • Here choose the “Quickbooks database server manager”.Thereafter click on the Quickbooks file folder.
  • Lastly, scan the folder and open the file.

4 .Repair the Windows Registry:

Following are the steps to easily repair the Windows registry:

  • Go to the Start button of the computer and type” Command” in the search box.
  • Now press and hold the CTRL-shift key on the keyboard and hit enter and dialog box will appear. Thereafter click “Yes” on the dialog box after which a black box will appear on the screen.
  • Insert”Regedit” and hit enter.
  • Choose the “6144-82” and 6144-301” related options.
  • Now select “Export” from the File menu. Thereafter carefully choose the folder where you wish to save the Quickbooks backup key.
  • Insert the name of the backup file from the file name box option.
  • Now click on the “Selected branch” option from the Export range box.
  • Click save and ensure that you save it with .reg file extension. After which you will have a backup of the Quickbooks related registry entry.

5 .Alter the account type:

Following are the steps that will help in altering the account type:

  • Click on the Windows icon from the keyboard.
  • Click the “User Account” option from the Control Panel.
  • Now choose the “Add/remove user account” option. Thereafter choose the”QBDserviceuser23” option to change the account type by checking the Administrator user link.

6 .Create the folder in C drive:

For this give written permission for the whole folder. Thereafter select the “Share” option to share all the folders of all the systems.

7.Copy the QB company in new folder QB:

Following steps will lead you to copy the QB company in new folder QB:

  • Go to “C” drive and look for the “Users” option click “Public” icon then “Public” documents tab .Thereafter go to the “Intuit” tab select “Quickbooks” icon then open the “Company files” tab .This will lead the user to the default company file location.
  • Thereafter copy and paste Quickbooks file to the new folder named “QB”

8 .Setup of Inbound and Outbound Firewall rules:

Here are the two quick steps to setup Inbound and Outbound Firewall rules:

  • Choose the “Windows Firewall” option from the Firewall tab.
  • Now look for the “Inbound” rules below the ‘Advanced Settings” option .Thereafter click on “New Rule” icon then “Port” option and finally click the “Next” option.

9 .Run Quickbooks Database server manager:

That’s how you will be able to run Quickbooks Database server manager:

  • From the “Programs” list select “Quickbooks” icon.
  • Now from the drop down list choose “Quickbooks Database server manager” and click “Add Folder” tab.
  • Now minimize the tab after searching and adding the Quickbooks folder in the system’s C drive.
  • Click on “Scan now” option which will direct the user to scanning method of Quickbooks company file.

10 .Restore Quickbooks company file:

Know the following easy to perform stepos to restore Quickbooks company file:

  • Firstly open Quickbooks on the server computer and choose “Open and restore company file”.
  • Now click on QB company file named “Get back to business” and click on the open/access files in the muti user mode.
  • Here verify hosting enabled and move on to the “File” and choose the “
    Utilities” option.
  • As the last step visit Stop hosting multi user access” and click it . Thereafter the QB company files will be easily accessible on the server computer.

Hope we were able to clear your doubts on the Quickbooks error 6144-82 and 6144-301. However for any further assistance on the same it is best to contact the Quickbooks customer team from their official webpage.

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