Learn How to Eliminate Quickbooks Error -6073 -816

The writeup aims at helping users with Quickbooks error 6073-816. Here we will be discussing the causes leading to this error and the appropriate fixes to troubleshoot the error

What is Quickbooks Error -6073 -816

QuickBooks has been a personal favorite among the well-established business organizations worldwide. It has paved the way for manageable and systematic accounting. But with every good thing accompanies its shortcomings too. These shortcomings are some errors that the user comes across while working on Quickbooks. Error 6073-816 occurs when the user tries to open a company file. With the Quickbooks error 6073-816, a message stating that Quickbooks accounting software is unable to open the company file pops up. Additionally, it notifies that the company file might have been opened by another company user.

Know the Causes Leading to Quickbooks Error -6073 -816

Here we have enumerated the most probable reasons that may lead to Quickbooks error -6073 -816. Any of the given reasons might lead to the error.

  • If the computer and Quickbooks network are on a separate version of Quickbooks.
  • If several operations turn on the hosting.
  • Restricted permission for Quickbooks users.
  • Hindrance faced while assisting the Quickbooks database manager.
  • Corrupted network data.
  • If the network data or transaction log files gets identified as hidden.
  • If the Firewall settings impede the easy passage to Quickbooks.
  • A damaged company file.
  • If the folder having a QB company file is a read-only network folder.

How to Encounter Quickbooks Error -6073 -816 Code

Here are the fixes you must try to fix Quickbooks error -6073 -816. Have a look!

1 .Download and run Quickbooks file doctor:

  • The Intuit’s Quickbooks File Doctor is a great tool to troubleshoot issues pertaining to your company file and network. Download this tool from the Intuit’s  website.
  • Once you finish downloading it run the “qbfd.exe” file by double-clicking on it and carefully following the onscreen instructions.
  • Select your company file by the browser option and Diagnose the file to remove the error 6073 -816.

Error Code 6073 -816

2 .Check for Quickbooks hosting settings:

Here is how you can check/review Quickbooks hosting settings:

  • Open Quickbooks on your computer.
  • Open the “File” menu and select the “Utilities” option.
  • Here at this step, if you see the “HOst multi-user access” option be careful not to select it. Thereafter move to the next workstation.

Error Code 6073 -816

  • Here select “Stop using multi – user access” option. Repeat these steps on all the workstations where you come across Quickbooks error -6073 -816.

Stop using multi - user access

3 .Check network data file:

Follow these steps to check the network data file:

  • Firstly, if the file is unavailable or corrupted visit the system on which the company file is hosted.
  • Now open the Windows Explorer and browse the folder in which the Quickbooks company file is stored.
  • Here rename the file with the extension.ND by right-clicking on the folder which will has the network data file.

extension ND

  • Now once again open the Quickbooks company file Thereafter a new network file will be created by the Quickbooks software within the company file folder.

4 .Check Firewall if communication blocked:

For this properly configure internet security settings.

To do the same go to “Configure internet security” >select “Personal Firewall” >then “Parental Control Applications “ for Quickbooks updates. This will help the user with the proper access to programs through the Firewall.

5. Quickbooks is being accessed remotely:

Follow these steps if Quickbooks is being accessed remotely:

  • Press ctrl+Alt+Delete altogether.
  • Now from the list that appears on the screen click and select “Task Manager”.Thereafter move to the “Processes” tab from the Task Manager screen.

Press ctrl+Alt+Delete

  • Check if any processes are running under the name of the user-facing issue.
  • The user needs to reboot his computer if he comes across any running processes.

6. The company file is stored in the Read-only folder:

Follow these troubleshooting steps if the company file is stored in a Read-only folder:

  • Access the computer that has your company file.
  • Now go to the folder storing the company file and open it.
  • Right click on the empty space in the folder and click on “Properties”.
  • From the Properties window move on to the “Security” tab.
  • Now here choose the user-facing problems while logging in and then hit on the “Edit” button.
  • Now tick the checkbox against “Follow for full control”.
  • Lastly, click “Apply” then “OK”.

7. Fix Quickbooks Error 6073 -86 – If network data files and transaction log files are hidden

  • On your PC Point on at the Tools Menu>Folder Option>Select View Tab
  • Choose the option Show hidden files & folders> Click ok & close My PC Screen
  • Now Open that folder where all the company files are stored and ensure for the ‘network data file and transaction log files once you got it right click on the the file and select ‘properties option’.
  • Delete the Option ‘Hidden’ and press ok

Hope the writeup comes to your best use while looking for ways to fix Quickbooks error -6073 -816. In case of any additional help with Quickbooks, it is best advises to reach out to website.

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